Thursday, January 7, 2010

MEChA de Mount Holyoke Organization Report

*Noche Latina* (co-hosted with La Unidad) is an event where we will perform a series of dances, skits, and open mic acts. Refreshments will be served.
*Semana Chicana* is a week-long event where we will have keynote speakers, dinner and games. The dinner will serve as a fundraiser for a cause of our choosing. The whole event will address a political topic that has to do with Latinos. Last year's topic addressed the issues of immigration and how they have affected and continue to effect the chicano/latino community.
Dia de los Muertos Cena y Leyendas: A day to celebrate Dia de los Muertos, an important day in our culture with food, decorations, and storytelling. People came and learned about this important holiday and shared their experiences and leyendas.
Dia de los Muertos Altar: The group went and set up and decorated an altar in our campus center.
(co-hosted with La Unidad) games and food (arroz con leche, flan, popcorn, cupcakes, etc.) 
: Working on a mural that is meant to honor the diverseness of our culture and the impact being a Latina in the United States has had on all of us

*starred titles indicate upcoming events

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