Saturday, November 20, 2010

MEChA de Yale: Organization Update For This Month

This month MEChA de Yale has been focusing on the Mexican Bicentennial of Mexican Independence Day and the Centennial of the Mexican Revolution. For the past months we've held events celebrating the Día de los Muertos, setting up multiple altars and commemorating the loss of loved ones and of revolutionaries. We held a workshop on how to be a Modern Revolutionary, a viewing of Latin American art, a film screening of the narco-trafficking situation in Ciudad Juarez, etc. More is included in the flyer below. We're in the process of planning for the ECCSF winter conference in February. We are also having elections this month, and are turning over our group to a new e-board. 

Alejandro Gutierrez

Mezcla de Wellesley: Organization Update For This Month


During the month of October we had quite a number of events going on.We had a mixer with an MIT group. A professor luncheon in the middle of the month where we enjoyed pupusas and the company of select faculty. Personally, it's one of my favorite Mezcla events and we had positive feedback from both the members and professors. Basically a couple of professors and a large portion of Mezcla had a casual lunch where we all introduced ourselves and the professors talked about themselves in a nonacademic setting. It's a great way to connect and feel more comfortable with faculty. We also had a school wide pub night where we all bonded over good Latin music and sold homemade empanadas as a fundraiser. We also had two general meetings that went really well. Just this past Wednesday we had our annual Día De Los Muertos celebration which we co sponsor, that the Spanish dept and Latina advisor put on. There was a great turnout (and not just Latinas), great food and live mariachis. And yesterday we had a Big Sister/Little Sister dinner where we cooked delicious cuban food and bonded with our littles. 

Jessica Camacho
Class of 2013   

MEChA de Vassar: Organization Update For This Month


We've done....
-DREAM ACT Demonstration & VIGIL
*Altar demonstrations
-Sex education Fair:Collaborated with local Colleges/Non-profit groups/local High Schools on a event that focused on The prevention of Teen pregnancy through the arts.
-Pachanga Dance Party
-LONG ISLAND LEAFLETTING (Farmworkers Fair Labor Practices Act)

We plan to....
-rally for farm workers rights on campus, as well as in the surrounding town.

~Dennis Rivera-Cash